Past Meetings

WROCC’s meetings cover a wide range of topics relating to RISC OS and computing more generally – and sometimes to other subjects as well. Some of our more popular presentations have included:

AMCOG Games • RISCOSbits • Ident Computer • Elesar
R-Comp • RISC OS Open Ltd • Sine Nomine • Mike Cook
Beagleboard • Raspberry Pi • ARMini • ARMX6 • Titanium
Cryptography • Photography • Free software • Music
PDF generation • Networking • Problem solving

These pages contain details of many of our more recent past meetings. Members and visitors to our meetings receive copies of our monthly newsletter, The WROCC, which each month contains a write-up of the previous month’s meeting – where these are available online, the links are included below.

For details of future meetings, please check the listing on our meetings page.

Meetings in 2019

December 2019

WROCC ended the year in the traditional way... with some mince pies and another of Peter Richmond’s fiendish computer-themed quizzes.

November 2019

Chris Cox, who was a key figure at Acorn Risc Technologies in the latter half of the 1990s, visited to talk about selling computers to schools, being in charge of The CLAN, and what it was like at Acorn during the final few years leading up to the company’s demise.

October 2019

Gavin Crawford, whose company printed the Wakefield Show tickets and programmes for many years, showed us how he still uses Ovation Pro to create publications. We also learned about the project undertaken by Gavin and his wife to return a collection of retro-knitting patterns into print, and help document historic Shetland knitwear.

September 2019

Ruth Gunstone shared some of the trials that she had faced whilst ‘downgrading’ her Open Media Vault installation from a Pi 3 to a Pi|2... and how she had resolved them.

August 2019

Malcolm Hussain-Gambles and Ruth Gunstone looked at the very different subjects of ‘prosumer’ networking (including Malcolm’s own set-up) and the Open Broadcaster Software that Ruth uses for filming presentations at the Wakefield Show.

July 2019

Peter Richmond took at look at the subject of MIDI instruments and making music with computers, including some practical demonstrations with RISC OS and other hardware.

June 2019

We were visited by Andrew Rawnsley, one half of RISC OS Developments, who came to tell us a bit about the background to the new company and the work that it was doing towards developing and promoting RISC OS.

May 2019

Steve had a look through the darker recesses of his website, and gave us a demonstration of some of the less well-known pieces of software that he has written over the years.

April 2019

Peter Richmond investigated the subject of recording the output from a RISC OS computer, and the use of Genlock for overlaying graphics on to video. Ian Stanley followed with a collection of hardware projects involving RISC OS on a Raspberry Pi.

March 2019

Another of our ‘pot-pourri style’ meetings, the evening opened with Terry Marsh looking at some 3D demos running under Python on a Raspberry Pi. He was followed by Chris Hughes, who looked at Sine Nomine’s Impact database and its helper applications, before investigating some graphical demos written by WROCC member Richard Ashbery.

February 2019

Andy Marks from RISCOSbits told us about the range of cases that he produces for RISC OS hardware, and explained his design philosophy and production processes. He looked at products including the Qadro, PiSSDup, Deuce, Pisac and UniqAce.

January 2019

The WROCC Annual General Meeting was a chance for members to elect the committee for 2019, and to have their say on the running of the Club.